Ministry of Textile-Govt.Of India


CSRTI-Berhampore (WB) and its nested units working in different E&NEstates under the aegis of Central Silk Board continuing its R&D activities during the past one year successfully by following the guidelinres of COVID-19 by the Governments.  During this pandemeic situation, institute emphasized more on R&D activities particularly for developing improved silkworm breeds, high yielding mulberry varieties, information & communication technologies. More efforts were made for providing time-to-time messages to the farmers through m-Kissan & various methods of social media instead of physical visits.
CSRTI-Berhampore executed the research activities meticulously as per approved action plan with active co-operation and co-ordination of Scientists & Supporting Staff during the lockdown period. The R&D units were on-course with regard to the supply of saplings & nursery maintenance; in-house production and distribution of required quantities of hybrid dfls to the farmers for evaluation. The data collection on crop status/yield from stakeholders has been completed and necessary guidance was extended to the farmers through field units. The commercial seed production was hampered to an extent of 30-40% in NSSO-SSPCs and particularly with RSPs in West Bengal. Majority of the farmers had to encounter problems in marketing of cocoons and reelers obtained cocoons at lower prices as compared to the non-Covid-19 years. Several farmers also resorted to self-reel the cocoons in West Bengal & other NE states. CSRTI-BHP’s nested units were also involved with the assigned activities, except for the direct monitoring of field crops. CSRTI-Berhampore further concentrated efforts to maximize the silk production by introducing additional crop(s) in all the states in coordination with respective DoSs. CSRTI-BHP’s latest technological inputs and Capacity Building Programmes were innovatively designed (off- & online) and hybrid programmems were executed effectively to reach the door steps of stakeholders. Activities like evaluation of thermo-tolerant double hybrids (WB-DH); high yielding and bacterial leaf blight resistant mulberry varieties; NIRMOOL, eco-friendly room disinfectant and SERI-WIN, eco-friendly bed disinfectant. CSRTI-Berhampore scientific team was actively involved in the institutional activities, albeit COVID-19 & WFH stress; in fact engaged fruitfully in making important R&D documents (three Patent Filings; Technology Descriptor for E&NE mulberry sericulture; Sericulture Success Stories; Book Chapters in Sericulture; regular publication of in-house research bulletin, NEWS & VIEWS). Scientists were able to attend various online International & National webinars/E-conferences for upskilling/discipline specific knowledge. Besides, R&D projects were obtained from external funding agencies for seri-development in E & NE India from DST-JSPS, DBT-Aspriratinal, DST-SERB, NABARD etc.
The concerted and dedicated multi-disciplinary efforts @ CSRTI-Berhampore continued to deliver and support large number of stakeholders in the region with impacting technologies.