Bivoltine Cluster Promotion Programme

The Central Silk Board has envisaged an ambitious plan to produce 5000 mt import substitute BV silk through organization of clusters across the country in co-ordination with DoT (Seri.)/ DOS of the respective states in a mission mode approach during XII plan period. CSR&TI, Berhampore functioning as Nodal Centre for Eastern & North Eastern India, where, 15 clusters at West Bengal (4), Odisha (2), Bihar (1), Manipur (2), Assam (3), Mizoram (1), Nagaland (1), and Tripura (1) were being organised with the active support of the respective DOSs.

Based on the diagnostic and feasibility study, clusters identified and Cluster Promotion Committees (CPCs) were constituted for effective implementation. Zonal Bivoltine Review committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of the Director, CSR&TI and the Director of Sericulture, DoS/ DoT as the members along with in-charges of ROs, RSRS, and CDFs.

            For effective monitoring of the clusters, CPCs were meeting every month to review the progress and chalk out the future plan of action. Zonal Programme Review Committee meetings were held quarterly to review the progress of the clusters.